Wednesday, February 25, 2009

guys, sorry I havent posted in a while. I havent been in the shop, Ive been picking a lot of overtime$. I will be in the shop sunday and tuesday making paperweights. Will report back

Monday, February 9, 2009

what happened today

This morning I ordered some colored glass, a new pair of jacks, and also a pair of diamond shears. Spent a nice bit of change on my passion, but I dont care.

I went to the shop and swept and cleaned, Im getting ready to turn the furnace back on and will make some more weights. Im really looking forward to this, I have a nice floral design Im going to create.

I called my friend Angelo, I asked him to call me the next time he is pulling cane, I want to drive up to his shop and watch him pull Bellatini cane. Its a nice spiral cane with twists in it.

When I got home from the shop, the weights were at the door from the polisher, a nice surprise.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I called Cutting Edge Tools today, Im going to order a pair of these shears, they are used to create the flowers and leaves, the pair I have arent cutting it and Im due for an update. These are expensive but nice and will last.
Right now, the furnace is cold and Im awaiting the return of the paperweights from the polisher. If I can develop a strong avenue to sell my glass, yes.........I will price them reasonably, I'll be in good shape to keep the furnace on year-round.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

getting polished

ok, I got a call from the polisher yesterday and he got the paperweights. The question was to polish the bottoms to a high gloss/clear, or just grey but flat - $2 cheaper. I went with flat and grey because these weights will be lower price tag items.

Next thing, Im really at a loss about how to sell my glass. To quote my friend Angelo Fico "the easy part is making it, the tough part is do I sell it".

Soon Ill have a house full of paperweights, a collectors dream but pain in the butt for me.

Im gonna roll and go see a movie with my girlfriend, I wish you all a good week.